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Reparmax Pro

Reparmax Pro
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Reparmax Pro, the customer loyalty solution by ETAI

The ReparMax Pro solution allows auto repair shops to send timely alerts to their customers based on their latest visit and on the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule. Today, over 850 businesses use ReparMax Pro every month.

Time customer campaigns at the exact time suggested by the manufacturer 

This application cross-references data from the ETAI manufacturer manuals with invoicing software – including customer information, vehicles and licence plates, detailed invoices with itemised parts, use of auto maintenance plans, and even itemised sales by product and service.

The system identifies the perfect time to contact customers and clients for regular maintenance, a distributor check-up, or oil change.

ReparMax Pro also allows shop owners to send opt-in reminders to customers by text message, email or even by post (2.4 million reminders were sent in 2016).

ReparMax Pro helps grow your repair revenue 

On average an auto repair shop employing three or four mechanics and equipped with the ReparMax Pro solution, sends 200 customer reminder alerts every month, bringing in an additional €4,000 in revenue. Car shops not only create loyalty this way, but they also gain credibility, getting a return on their marketing investment.

Key figures

  • 850agents and auto center users each month
  • 2.4 millionreminder alerts sent in 2016
  • 3.8+ millionregistered vehicles
  • €4,000+additional monthly revenue
  • +4 yearsof satisfied customers