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Banking, insurance, and asset management: finance is central to climate and technology challenges

The digital transformation of industry is in full swing and jobs in the insurance and finance industries are changing fast. Information systems are becoming agile while new technologies are driving disintermediation and accelerating time to market, all against a backdrop of dramatic changes in both regulations and consumer expectations.

Artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotics, and blockchain are shaking up the value chain in these industries

New technologies are automating simple transactions while the use of data is revamping the customer experience. Jobs are changing and machines are increasingly taking over simple tasks so people can focus on the most complex challenges. The spread of cloud technology is bringing with it the computing power that these new solutions demand. 

Insurance and finance are moving to fully digital execution and distribution and seeing the emergence of new players 

Start-ups are making the most of their edge on technology, with systems that are not weighed down by legacy assets. Fintech and neo-insurers are offering a seamless customer experience, with no brick-and-mortar locations.  The growth of these structures and transactions is driving regulators to tighten rules to protect consumer investments and prevent bankruptcies. Compliance has become a major challenge and a key investment for all financial players.  

Towards green finance: the environmental transition is central to financial services strategy

Decarbonising asset portfolios and protecting biodiversity are key priorities. The financial industry is committed to reducing the carbon footprint of its activities, particularly its digital operations. 

Insurers are on the front line of the fight against climate change and face an increase in natural disasters. Analysis of non-financial factors is also increasingly important, although the approaches still face methodological challenges. ESG (environmental, social, and governance) policies are also promoting more inclusive, socially conscious finance. 

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How do we serve risk and insurance professionals?

Les Journées du Courtage: the leading French event for insurance brokers  

Les Journées du Courtage is an annual industry-leading event in Paris that draws close to 200 exhibitors who provide insurance products (companies, mutual insurers, pension groups, retirement funds, etc.) and more than 10,000 general and specialised insurance brokers and intermediaries. This national event is an industry highlight. It gives distributors a chance to explore the latest products, form new business partnerships, and attend high-level industry presentations. There are also regional editions of the event: Les Rendez-Vous du Courtage in Marseille and Lyon draw the regional insurance brokerage ecosystems every year. The expertise and reach of L’Argus de l’Assurance, the leading media outlet for French insurance professionals, make these key events for the insurance and brokerage communities.   

Risk.net is the leading, global source of information for risk transfer and risk management specialists at financial institutions

Risk.net is the world’s leading source of information and exclusive in-depth analysis on risk management, derivatives, and complex finance. The platform provides the research, information, and technical data that are essential for financial institutions. Its team of 45 experienced industry specialists is based in London, Nashville, New York, and Hong Kong. Risk.net has over 30,000 subscribers worldwide, across Banks, Insurers, Investment Managers, Regulators and Service Providers.

Central Banking serves a global community of central bankers from over 140 countries 

Central Banking is the information source for central bankers. Our experts deliver unique perspective, detailed analyses and insights. For example, the Central Banking Institute produces benchmarking analyses on a range of central banks that enable them to improve their performance. We also host events and training programs to bring together the international central banking community, with a focus on the importance of the work done by the 350,000 central bankers in 140 countries and the challenges they face. 

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