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Electric vehicles are about to bring automotive after-sales services into a new era

Since electric vehicles require less regular maintenance than their conventional counterparts, the shift to electric vehicles will ultimately have economic repercussions for automotive after-sales services. To navigate that shift successfully, the industry will need to find new sources of revenue. The average car on the road is over 11 years old, so after-sales services still has a transition period ahead. That means the challenge will be maintaining conventional after-sales services while preparing for the electric future. As it goes through a profound shift in its historic model, the sector is trending toward extensive professionalisation of its different activities, from garages and customer service to spare parts and logistics. 

The customer journey: driving digitalisation in an industry increasingly impacted by technology

Services are already going digital, with easier searches, management of multiple databases, easier access and increased speed. The customer journey is quickly becoming 100% digital, from spare parts orders to deliveries and online maintenance appointment bookings to electronic invoices.  

With electric vehicles running on operating systems, new software-related services will be developed. Electric vehicles already have Over-the-Air (OTA) systems for remote updates. This new software activity should be key in restoring the economic fortunes of the after-sales services business. 

Data will be central to sales and after-sales services 

In this new zero-carbon ecosystem, data use will be the key to technological change. Electric vehicles are not finished products. They rely on data to run: for their charging infrastructure, real-time vehicle flow data, vehicle interoperability, and after-sales services management. That data includes technical vehicle data as well as driver and charging infrastructure data. To process it effectively, after-sales services providers will need multi-cloud solutions that are easy to roll out and can be effectively integrated into their project infrastructure. 

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How do we serve automotive after-sales services professionals? 

Atelio Pro, comprehensive management software that saves time for mechanics and dealers

Atelio Pro is a business management software solution designed for garages, body shops, and new and used vehicle dealers. It saves them precious time with one-click access to all the business resources they need. They can generate full auto repair records, print repair orders, quotes, invoices, credits, and transfer documents, and manage inventory and vehicle sales, payments, and garage activities in real time. 

Atelio Pro is available online, interfaces with most market resources (cost estimates, parts catalogues, etc.) for all-in-one management that eliminates the need to switch between applications. It offers a wide range of configuration options, specialised modules (broken glass, bodywork, etc.), and detailed performance indicators. 

Access the best manufacturer databases with HaynesPro

HaynesPro is a complete software solution for mechanics. It contains all the technical data from 72 automakers of light and utility vehicles, trucks, trailers, and motorcycles. The online database is available in 28 languages and provides access to all the repair and diagnostics methods and data based on manufacturer data. 

With HaynesPro, garages are mere clicks away from detailed service manuals, thousands of technical drawings, maintenance plans and electrical diagrams to help them repair any type of vehicle. The solution also includes a universal diagnostic support module called VESA and a smart module with unlimited access to a library of technical service notices, recall data, and over 7,500 resolved case studies to help identify problems in the garage more quickly. 

The #CONNECT events

#CONNECT events bring automotive professionals together to explore the challenges facing the industry, including the technology transformation (engines), regulation (decarbonisation), changes to their trades, and accelerated digitisation.  

In France, #CONNECT Aftermarket is the conference for decision-makers in the spare parts distribution business. #CONNECT Fleet draws vehicle fleet decision-makers. #CONNECT Distribution brings together automotive manufacturers and distribution groups. Last, but not least, #CONNECT Truck brings together truck industry professionals, from manufacturers to equipment makers. In Europe, #CONNECT Europe draws European automotive distribution and repair players. 

Infopro Digital Automotive

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