Construction & Public Sector

Construction and the public sector are an ecosystem in constant flux

There are intrinsic connections between the construction industry and the public sector. Both are subject to extensive regulations and strongly influenced by the currents of social change. Technology will be key to navigating their transformation.

Toward low-carbon buildings as the new standard 

Professionals in the construction industry will be counting on innovative technologies and materials to reduce their carbon footprint. From design to construction and operations, low-carbon buildings are becoming a reality. The shift to low-carbon buildings, which was initiated by regulatory changes, will significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions thanks to the materials used, optimised water consumption, and power supply management. 

BIM (building information modelling) improves the construction process  

BIM is ushering in a new era for all private and public sector players involved in construction. It makes the process of exchanging information and data on structures throughout their lifecycle easier, particularly during the operations phase. BIM uses 3D modelling for easy visualisation. This new approach to design will cut construction and maintenance costs for both the public and private sectors.  

Accelerating digitalisation to meet users’ increased expectations for digital services 

One unexpected benefit of the pandemic has been the accelerated digital transformation of government agencies, with major investments in three areas: digital infrastructure development, awareness-raising and employee training in digital technology, and user connectivity. The user experience is important to government agencies, which are trying out new technologies and strive to offer personalised user services. 

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How do we serve professionals in construction and the public sector? 

Detecting and winning construction opportunities

Ibau helps construction and public works professionals find and win construction projects and public procurement contracts. As the German market leader, Ibau uses business intelligence solutions to give its clients contract opportunities and leads. Infopro Digital has business intelligence platforms in Germany, France, the UK, Belgium, Netherlands, Austria and Switzerland, making it a key European player in construction and public procurement intelligence.  

Building the future of construction and the public sector together

Every day, Le Moniteur brings the construction and regional development communities together to explore environmental and technological challenges and the industry’s transformation. As the leading industry information source, Le Moniteur is the gold standard for professionals throughout the value chain, from public and private project owners to developers, project managers, general contractors, industrial professionals, and real estate specialists. Subscribers enjoy access to expert content, themed newsletters, databases, and specialised services like the Index construction indices for market price management. Le Moniteur also hosts major events throughout the year, including Le Moniteur Innovation Day (#MID), a conference series, and over 2,000 training sessions led by our experts. 

Facilitating dialog and collaboration on construction projects

Mezzoteam is a collaborative BIM platform for organising, processing, managing, and sharing construction project data (documents, plans, reports, models, etc.). It serves as a backbone for construction projects. Mezzoteam is France’s leading CDE (Common Data Environment). With over 50,000 users, the Mezzoteam platform brings together French and global stakeholders from projects of all sizes, including office buildings, data centers, stations, and subway lines. For over 30 years, Mezzoteam has stood out from the crowd with its expert support for clients in any situation (BIM, cloud, on-premise, etc.) so they can fully leverage their project data. 

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