Changing consumer habits creates a slew of challenges for distribution professionals

Consumer habits have changed considerably in recent years, with the boom in e-commerce, curbside pickup, and commerce 2.0 trends coupled with a drive for more responsible consumption.

Data and technology are facilitating new types of distribution and service  

In its early years, online shopping was particularly popular for certain types of products. More recently, it has expanded to all goods and consumables with no exceptions. Distribution professionals are increasingly creating digital ecosystems. All brands are striving to combine the best of both worlds. Some are using artificial intelligence or self-service scanners to enhance the consumer experience.  

Reinventing the customer experience to meet expectations for more local, responsible consumption 

Increased competition from online retailers and the instant gratification of online shopping are pushing distributors to rethink the consumer experience at their sales locations. Distributors are drawing on technologies like robotics, the Internet of Things (IoT), and artificial intelligence to invent new services and develop a truly omnichannel experience. 

Some distributors are responding to a growing preference among consumers and society for more local, eco-friendly consumption. This has been achieved by developing short supply chains, while others are promoting more responsible consumption that supports local producers. 

Enhancing customer knowledge with data 

Distribution professionals are keenly aware of the need to know and understand their customers better. Data collection and processing are crucial to achieving that goal. An analytical, data-centric approach can be used to develop customer knowledge by analyzing customer clickstreams, traffic and purchasing habits, customer segmentation, and more. The challenge for the future is using all the data collected, mainly through loyalty programs, to personalize offers and messages for consumers and increase their satisfaction and brand preference and store loyalty.

Distribution professionals with a genuine commitment to more sustainable, more eco-friendly consumption will need to transition to Net Zero Retail. That means accelerating their efforts to decarbonize their operations, products, and supply chain.

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