From digital to energy, the new industrial revolution is just getting started

No economic sector has changed more dramatically over the past few years than industry. The transformation has been so radical that people are calling it the fourth industrial revolution or Industry 4.0.

Industrials’ digital maturity is increasing

Process digitization and automation took centre stage in the first phase of the digital transformation., More recently, the focus has shifted to accelerating change with a whole host of innovations based on technologies like IoT and big data.  

Industry professionals have realised that the digital transformation means more than just optimising production chains. Robot-assisted manufacturing techniques are only the tip of the iceberg of the transformation brought about by the integration of new technologies.  

The digital transformation affects every step of production, from ideas to design, from engineering to production, and from the customer experience to management and operations. We are seeing a long-term systemic transformation that goes beyond technological innovation. 

Smart production is driving a shift to real-time production adjustment 

Industry is experiencing a set of convergent structural challenges that are shaking up existing models. Industry 4.0 is a new way of organising production resources that involves transforming the processes and cycles involved in production chains. In practice, it means digital design and above all “smart production,” a new approach that promises personalised products.  

The goal is to enable real-time production adjustment through a constant dialog between machines and the needs of markets and customers. Certain aspects of design and production can be automated using data integration, artificial intelligence, and cloud computing. 

From decarbonisation to relocalisation: the quest for sustainable alternatives 

This new approach to production involves challenges that go beyond technology to address urgent, inescapable social and environmental issues. Industry decision-makers have a range of tools available to them as they define the future of their business. To achieve decarbonisation, the key objectives are improving energy efficiency and dramatically reducing the carbon footprint of high CO₂ emissions activities. New design methods can also contribute to reducing waste, materials, and the number of parts to produce.  

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How do we serve industry professionals as they tackle the challenges ahead? 

Risk and compliance management are key to achieving a positive impact. 

Globalised trade and complex legislation mean that all companies need EHS-focused regulatory intelligence. With the Red-on-line platform, industry professionals can manage compliance across all their sites, track certification indicators, and monitor their activities.  
Risk prevention and management have long been a priority for industry professionals. Corporate EHS commitments are strengthening ongoing intelligence and monitoring efforts. Companies need dedicated technology to boost their performance and guarantee a positive or optimised impact. With its HSE software suite and 80 EHS experts, Red-on-line supports 16,500 industrial sites worldwide.  

Industry news and analysis in support of services and indicators. 

With industry facing a slew of technological and social challenges, industry professionals need high-quality information and analysis more than ever before. The experts at L’Usine Nouvelle share a firm belief that: industry is going through unprecedented times that will require a profound transformation. Industry professionals need to redesign their operating models to take on the challenges of decarbonisation and the relocalisation movement.  

L’Usine Nouvelle is committed to innovation and bringing our subscribers new formats and services to support the transformation of all industrial sectors. The 1,000 indices we have developed are a great resource that facilitates transactions for industry professionals.  

We have journalists, developers, and data analysts working together to invent high added-value services for our clients.

Environmental responsibility and striking a balance between local and global business. 

Environmental responsibility is a key concern that recurs in all our tradeshows and events for industry decision-makers. Those trends are on display among exhibitors and visitors at LUXE PACK, which brings together leading brands as well as premium and luxury packaging manufacturers on three continents.  

LUXE PACK is designed as an eco-friendly event, with a focus on moving toward zero waste and encouraging a reduction in long-distance travel. There are now five annual LUXE PACK events in New York, Shanghai, Los Angeles, Monaco, and Paris. We bring brands and manufacturers together to foster the emergence of regional ecosystems and encourage more local production. 

Explore our entire dedicated offer for industry decision-makers. 

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