Infopro Digital turning information into performance

A team of entrepreneurs

Christophe Czajka

Founder and Executive Chairman

Christophe is the founder of Infopro Digital. Responsible for strategy and growth. Before founding Infopro in 2001, Christophe was at Bertelsmann Springer where he managed business news activities and was a member of the executive committee. He has significant experience in the management and acquisition of business-to-business information companies. After starting his career as a consultant at Bain & Co., he also worked at Crédit Commercial de France in Hong-Kong.

Christophe is a graduate of Harvard Business School and HEC Paris.

Julien Elmaleh

Chief Executive Officer

Julien started working with Infopro Digital in 2007 during the acquisition of a majority stake by APAX and the acquisition of GISI (including L’Usine Nouvelle and LSA). He joined Infopro Digital in 2010 to lead acquisitive growth strategy and manage our brands in the Industrials market. He was named Chief Executive Officer of the group in 2014. Before joining Infopro Digital, Julien was Chief Financial Officer at Numericable and spent 10 years at Rothschild & Co in Paris and New York.

Julien is a graduate of ESCP Europe.

Isabelle André

Media and Trade Shows Brands

Isabelle joined Infopro Digital in 2016. She leads all the group’s activities related to as well as trade shows related to local authorities, insurance/finance and industrial brands. She is also in charge of Employement (Public and Private), Toute La Franchise and the Voiron offices. Isabelle previously spent three years as Chief Executive Officer of Le Monde Interactif and Chief Digital Officer at Le Monde group.

Isabelle is a graduate of Sciences Po Paris.

Romain Bégramian

Softwares and Project Leads France and Benelux

Romain started working with Infopro Digital in 2018. Prior to joining, he was Senior Managing Director at FTI Consulting. He is responsible for the Public sector and Construction software and database divisions in France and Benelux.

Romain is a graduate of ESSEC Business School.

Nathalie Curvat

Industrial Trade Shows

Nathalie joined Infopro Digital in 2005 during the acquisition of Idice, where she was the General Manager for Trade shows. In 2011, she took over the global management of our Industrial Trade shows business, and is responsible for a global team delivering around thirty international trade shows a year.

Nathalie has a post-graduate degree in international trade.

Stéphane Deplus

Chief Financial Officer

Stéphane joined Infopro Digital in 2003. He is responsible for the financial and tax management of the Group. He has led multiple acquisitions and supported the refinancing. He previously spent six years at Carnaud Metalbox Group where he led several projects in the Finance department.

Stéphane is a graduate of Ecole Supérieure de Commerce de Bordeaux.

Sajid Fayyaz

Chief Technical Officer

Sajid joined Infopro Digital in 2007. He started his professional career in the Lagardère Group and worked in several start-ups over seven years before joining Infopro Digital. Sajid has held several positions within Infopro Digital and currently heads up all of our Internal Technology, Infrastructure and Digital Development teams.

Sajid graduated from the University of Paris-Sud.

Sven Hohmann

Project Leads Austria, Germany, Switzerland

Sven started working with the Group in 2018 when DOCUgroup joined Infopro Digital. He has previously held different senior management positions at Bertelsmann Arvato, a global B2B service provider. He is in charge of the German and Austrian construction lead business.

Sven holds a degree from Technical University of Darmstadt.

Laurent Horwitz

Marketplaces & Data

Laurent started working with the group in 2018 when Companeo, a company he co-founded and managed, joined Infopro Digital. He is in charge of lead and webinars platforms (Companeo, L’Expo Permanente, Bedouk, Batiproduits, Webikeo …) and databases (Infopro Data).

Laurent is a graduate of ESSEC Business School.

David Pagliaro

Insight Group

David joined Infopro Digital in 2018. David oversees Infopro Digital’s information services for financial, risk, insurance and financial technology specialists in the United Kingdom, the United States and Hong Kong. Operating in high-growth markets, the brands include, Insurance Post, Insurance Age, Chartis, Waterstechnology, Central Banking and FX Week. David previously was EMEA regional head at State Street Global Exchange. Earlier, over ten years at S&P Global, he held a series of executive leadership roles.

David has an MBA from London Business School.

Jean-Michel Poissonnier

Automative Aftermarket, Software and Data

Jean-Michel joined Infopro Digital in 2002. He leads the Automotive Aftermarket division including ETAI. He has been involved in and integrated a number of acquisitions the Group has made since 2001. He previously worked as a Managing Director at Automatic Data Processing (ADP).

Jean-Michel holds a Master’s degree (MIAGE) from the Université de Lille.

Manon Rossetti

Training, Markets, Publishing and Events

Manon joined Infopro Digital in 2010. She was previously in charge of digital activities in the Lefèbvre-Sarrut group and has held several top management positions (Events, Training and Publishing) at Reed Elsevier. She is responsible for Training, Markets, Publishing and Events.

Manon holds an Executive MBA from HEC Paris and is a graduate of ICN Business School.

Céline Ruat

Group Head of Human Resources

Céline joined the group in 2017. She is responsible for all HR issues within the group. Céline previously worked as Head of Human Resources for the NRJ Group, having also held HR and social law positions at Menarini Laboratories and Servair (Air France Group).

After studying law, Céline began her professional career at a legal firm.

Dirk Schöning

Marketplace and Media Austria, Germany, Switzerland

Dirk started working with the Group in 2018 when DOCUgroup joined Infopro Digital. He is in charge of all construction product information and Media Businesses in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. He previously worked at Heinze as Managing Director, had his own business for 10 years and held different positions at Bertelsmann.

Dirk is a graduate of University of St. Gallen.