About us

We dedicate our digital expertise to serving businesses, professionals, and local governments.


Largest French technology group (FrenchWeb 2022) 


Largest industry-specific software publisher (EY 2021 rankings) 


Best tech employer in France (Capital 2022 rankings) 

Our values 


We are a B2B group of digital entrepreneurs winning new markets and clients.


Diversity is an integral part of who we are and what makes us great. The broad scope of our activities means we attract talented people from very diverse backgrounds. 


We believe in collective intelligence because we go further together. Our close-knit teams are driven by collaboration, teamwork, and team spirit. 


Our expertise in our clients’ industries means we can anticipate their needs and build lasting relationships. Customer satisfaction is our top priority. 


We are driven by action and innovation. We are agile and pragmatic and we do whatever it takes to achieve great results for our clients, our colleagues, and our communities. 

What makes Infopro Digital’s culture unique is the entrepreneurial spirit that drives us to push our limits. By designing ever more innovative and high-performance solutions, we make customer satisfaction our top priority!

Join a winning team 

Want to join a group that will bet on your potential? Ready to take on responsibilities? At Infopro Digital, we are always looking for new talent.