Infopro Digital transforme l'information en performance

A history of transformation

  • 2001 Infopro Digital / ETAI

    Infopro Digital founded by Christophe Czajka.  The acquisition of ETAI, publisher of software and specialized information in the automotive industry.

  • Launch of the first digital tools for quotations and repair methods in the automobile industry.

    2002 Automotive

  • 2005 Idice

    Idice, a professional trade show management firm in France and abroad, joins Infopro Digital.

  • Launch of the digital catalogues for spare parts aftermarket in the automotive industry.

    2005 Aftermarket

  • In-house technology and development team hires its 100th team member.

    2007 IT

  • 2007 GISI

    Groupe Industrie Services Info (GISI), a company made up of brands including L’Usine Nouvelle, LSA and L’Argus de l’Assurance, joins Infopro Digital.

  • Launch of the Infopro Data department, a team specialised in gathering and analysing data.

    2009 Infopro Data

  • Digitalisation of automotive technical content through the launch of Atelio Doc, an online vehicles repair database for mechanics.

    2010 Atelio Doc

  • 2013 Groupe Moniteur

    Through the acquisition of the Moniteur Group, Infopro Digital grows Construction and Public Sector presence and becomes a leader in professional information and services in France.

  • 2015 EBP

    Through the acquisition of EBP in Belgium, Infopro Digital creates the first international digital platform for monitoring public tenders in Europe.

  • Digital network reaches a combined total of 10 million unique visits per month for the first time.

    2015 10 million

  • Acquisition of Red-On-Line: offers Environmental, Health & Safety compliance software and data, actively monitoring regulatory requirements in 80 countries and 13 languages.

    2016 Red-On-Line

  • 2017 Beauteam

    Beauteam, organiser of the « MakeUp In » trade shows, joins Infopro Digital, adding international events in Paris, Los Angeles, Seoul, New York and São Paulo.

  • 2017 Insight

    Insight Group, leader in professional information for risk, insurance and financial technology specialists, continues Infopro Digital’s international growth and digital expertise. Brands include:, Central Banking, FX Week, Insurance Post, Insurance Age, Chartis Research and Waters Technology.

  • 2018 Companeo

    Through the acquisition of the Companeo Group, a leader in small and medium-sized lead generation platforms, Infopro Digital becomes a european B2B marketplace leader.

  • 2018 DOCUgroup

    Through the acquisition of DOCUgroup, Infopro Digital continues to expand its presence in the construction sector in Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

  • 2020 Haynes

    Infopro Digital acquires Haynes and becomes a leading global information services provider in the automotive industry.
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