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Corporate responsibility


At Infopro Digital we are committed to CSR and social impact. It matters to us and we support a series of activities that motivate and engage team members globally to create and maintain a positive impact on others as well as our environment.



The group is committed to an environmental approach and obtained the ISO 14001 certification in 2015. A monthly workshop of volunteer staff debate and implement eco-friendly measures aiming to reduce our carbon footprint such as: battery recycling, selection and management of consumables, reducing energy consumption, and encouraging carpooling.

Social impact

Infopro Digital partners with the association Nos Quartiers ont des Talents (“Talent in the Projects”) which helps kickstart the career of young graduates from underprivileged backgrounds. Employees can mentor young graduates in their job search and help them access qualified long-term positions.  In addition to the relationships created, this practice also encourages communication with other organisations through shared experiences.

As a company committed to ensuring gender equality in its everyday operations, Infopro Digital promotes equality within the Group through recruitment, professional training, equal pay, career meeting, awareness-raising action and childcare costs support. To reinforce our commitment to professional equality, our HR policy is mindful to equality of treatment and equal opportunities.

Infopro Digital participates to the DuoDay operation by welcoming for a day in its premises people with disabilities who wish to discover our multiple professions. Duos created with volunteer professionnals help us all to overcome prejudices and move further towards inclusion.

Sports and health

Every year there are a number of staff that undertake challenges to support a range of charities. In France, almost 150 staff join The Odyssea Race in Paris and Nantes each year to support breast cancer research (registration fees and weekly training sessions are funded by the Group).


The Foundation

The Foundation was launched in 2010 to raise significant funds for three UK charities (CHICKS, Place2Be, and Mind) through our portfolio of client events and internal fundraising. The Foundation also seeks to provide a framework through which staff can volunteer a small amount of their time to contribute their skills and make a meaningful difference to the lives of others.