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Red-on-line’s EHS software capabilities recognised by global EHS Leaders

Red-on-line, a global environmental, health and safety software solution provider, emerged as the third most preferred EHS software brand for global EHS leaders, in a survey conducted by independent analyst Verdantix between September and October 2019 via telephone interviews. The survey report comprises feedback from 403 senior EHS decision-makers across 35 countries and 25 industries. 22% recognised Red-on-line as having “market-leading” and “strong capabilities”

The survey also highlighted Red-on-line’s ability to offer EHS software as a standalone solution or as part of broader integrated solutions with multiple modules. As a leading global legal monitoring and compliance management solution provider, Red-on-line continues to invest and collaborate with clients and industry experts to further develop their EHS software capabilities to address the demands of today’s EHS leaders.

“We deliver innovative and effective solutions to manage the EHS challenges of our clients all over the world. We can only rejoice in the excellent results that echo our successes and remain determined to support our clients better. The fact that global EHS leaders recognised Red-on-line for the value of our products and services demonstrates our efficiency and willingness to evolve our solutions for almost 20 years continuously.” says Laurent PITOUN, General Manager at Red-On-Line.

This news comes in the wake of recent improvements to Red-on-line’s EHS Solutions, including:

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