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The Infopro Digital Group launches the first information website dedicated to business protection

Faced with an increasingly complex environment, entrepreneurs must anticipate, measure and manage an ever-expanding number of risks: risks related to work facilities, employees, finance and the directors themselves. By launching the website, Infopro Digital offers businesses a tool that can provide answers and solutions for business leaders.

Developed in partnership with L’ and with the support of seven other group websites (,,,,, and, is a one-stop information and services website that covers all the areas in which directors of small and medium-sized enterprises and mid-market companies need protection. It is also a risk prevention tool and may therefore be a source of savings for risk carriers.

This new platform, which combines news articles, practical information (data sheets, glossary, etc.) and expert opinions, is aimed at three key targets:

A promotional plan has been put in place to support the launch of this website, based on:

An essential website that every business leader should bookmark, from young entrepreneur to experienced chairman!