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Infopro Digital is ranked 26th best employer in 2022 in the tech category of the Capital ranking

For the second year in a row, Infopro Digital group stands out in this ranking of the 500 best French employers carried out by the Capital magazine.

Infopro Digital is awarded the label of the best employers. Infopro Digital is ranked in the high tech category and is in 26th position this year. Our group thus gained 9 places compared to the previous ranking.

The Capital ranking awards the label of the best employers to Infopro Digital group. This label underlines the attractiveness of our group and rewards our efforts in promoting our employer brand.

This ranking, which rewards the 500 best French employers, establishes a classification by category. It is based on a survey of 20,000 people working in companies with more than 500 employees in France. This study, carried out by the Statista research institute, interviewed the group’s collaborators as well as professionals in our sector. It is based on feedback from the group’s collaborators.

Methodology of the study

The people interviewed answered independently, without their management being informed. The institute explains that an overall score out of 10 is calculated with a logically greater weighting given to employees’ opinions on their own company than on their competitors.