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FX Week celebrates 30-year anniversary by updating to FX Markets

FX Week – which enjoyed a very successful 30-year run as a newsletter primarily for sell-side traders – today announced a change in focus and relaunch under the FX Markets brand name.

FX Markets has been launched on the premise that the growing, global FX industry is going through a period of complex, structural change – and that creates a need to answer a different set of questions – not what is happening, but why it’s happening, and how. And who stands to benefit.

This approach works best when it’s applied to awkward, somewhat technical topics – so the first articles under the FX Markets name include stories on the hidden, structural reasons for historically low FX volatility, the weird options trades that preceded Morgan Stanley’s reported $170 million loss, the use of execution algos at Vanguard, and a potential regulatory threat to liquidity aggregators, for example.

Prior to launch, the FX Week team undertook a significant piece of market research to gather feedback to test this shift in focus. As well as asking for more exclusive, insightful content as outlined in the launch issue, one of the key findings was that readers wanted more inclusive coverage. So, FX Markets will be writing not just with banks or the buy side in mind, but for a full cross-section of the market.