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First Global Transdisciplinary Forum for Sustainability in Automotive manufacturing

1st Global Transdisciplinary Forum for Sustainability in Automotive manufacturing, CARES- Future in the Making, was seen as a great success by all participants in Detroit (MI) last week.

Infopro Digital hosted the 1st CARES North American Congress from May 24th to 25th 2022 in Detroit: the first technical conference dedicated to Sustainable Manufacturing Production in Automotive Industry.

As the automotive industry moves forward to highly fuel-efficient vehicles, reducing the relative environmental impact of the production process becomes more and more important.

There have been important steps forward to reduce waste, energy consumption and improve all aspects of Automotive Manufacturing in the Press shop, Body-in-White, Paint Shop, Foundry and Final Assembly.

The key expectation from Industry is to learn from and exchange practical advice and experience on the implementation within global Auto OEMs and suppliers, to engage multiple specialties and competences within a single Forum/Community to better understand, benchmark and achieve a sustainable production process.

To this end, Infopro Digital started the discussion with all major Auto OEMs and Suppliers 18 months ago to create a global community committed to developing sustainability in all aspects of Automotive Manufacturing.

On May 24th and 25th 2022, nearly 200 high profile Automotive Industrial experts from USA, Canada, Mexico, UK, France, Germany, Japan, and China attended the 1st CARES North American Conference.

All major Auto OEMs BMW, FORD, GENERAL MOTORS, HONDA, HYUNDAI-KIA, LUCID MOTORS, MAGNA, NISSAN, RENAULT, STELLANTIS, SUBARU, TOYOTA, fully engaged in CARES participated the 1st North American edition.

“CARES provided us a great opportunity to learn from other companies about common challenges in the industry” – Corporate Resource Manager at Auto OEM

It was great to acknowledge overall awareness of how we, as car manufacturers, can have a greater impact on carbon emissions”. – Global Environmental Director at Auto OEM

We had the ability to have access to the OEMS and hear about their Goals and Initiatives directly. In addition, as a s supplier, we were able to educate the OEMS on some of the difficulties we face trying to meet their requirements” – Director of R&D and Technical Analysis at major Auto Supplier companyThe dates of next CARES North American congress will be announced in the coming weeks.

The European version of CARES conference is scheduled in November 2022 in Greater Paris in FRANCE.

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