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Infopro Digital group: ranked by EY, 6th French sector software editor

EY has just published the tenth edition of the ranking of French software editors.

The Infopro Digital group is ranked 6th French sector software publisher.

All categories combined, the Infopro Digital group ranks 9th in the top 250 French software editors in 2020.

The results of the study published by EY testify, like the performance of the Infopro Digital group, of the good health of French software editors.

Resilience, confidence and ambition sum up the panorama of the sector. Here, in summary, are the main lessons to be learned, supported by the orientations of the Infopro Digital group.


1) Software publishing is a growing sector with a strong capacity for resilience in the face of the crisis.

  • The edition turnover realized by French software editors will reach 17 billion euros in 2019.
  • Infopro Digital belongs to the 11% of publishers with revenues of more than €100 million, which account for 76% of revenues.
  • Thanks to the virtues of subscription models and the digitalization needs of companies highlighted by the crisis, 75% of editors expect to grow or at least maintain their business in 2020, which is also our case.

2) Confidence remains through the wish to increase workforce and to invest over the long term.

  • French software editors employ 95,000 people. 72% of them still plan to increase their staff in 2020. Infopro Digital currently has 3,600 employees and plans to recruit 300 new talents in 2020.
  • Due to strong investments in R&D, developers remain the most sought-after profile (65%). Indeed, with a team of more than 400 developers and data specialists within the Infopro Digital group, investments in R&D are reflected in the recruitment of tech and digital talents (engineers, developers, data analysts, etc.).
  • Every year, Infopro Digital’s sustained investment in R&D results in the launch of new offers and technologies. For example, our R&D teams in France (Vecteur +), Benelux (EBP) and Germany (Ibau) integrate artificial intelligence into our solutions to detect business opportunities for professionals at a very early stage.

3) The ambition is expressed internationally and through external growth operations.

  • The percentage of turnover generated internationally (57%) is increasing for editors with more than 100 M€ of turnover and who are already well established internationally.
  • 48% of publishers are considering external growth operations, which reflects the strong interest of investors in the software publishing sector.
  • This ambition is in line with the strategy of the Infopro Digital group, which has a presence in 17 countries and is pursuing a sustained external growth policy to establish its international leadership. The recent acquisition of the Haynes group in the United Kingdom is in line with this strategy, making Infopro Digital the European leader in technical information databases for automotive professionals.

Resilience, confidence and ambition perfectly characterize the mindset of the Infopro Digital group, shared by all employees. Infopro Digital’s ranking in 6th and 9th place in the top 10 French software editors in 2020, established by EY, is a great recognition that the group wishes to share with all its employees.


About Infopro Digital

Infopro Digital is a leading European technology group in information and professional services. Infopro Digital designs software, databases, information platforms, marketplaces and events for professionals.

The group’s DNA is B2B and sector expertise. The group offers innovative solutions to the professional communities of insurance/finance, automotive, construction, distribution, industry and the public sector. Present in 17 countries, the group employs 3,600 people and is regularly ranked among the top 10 technology companies.