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Salon de l'immobilier d'entreprise
Antony Parc 2
10, Place du Général de Gaulle
La Croix de Berny
BP 20 156
92186 ANTONY Cedex - France


Le SIMI is the must-attend event for members of the real estate industry in France. Every year, it brings together more than 28,000 individual attendees and 450 businesses and local communities over a period of three days.

Le SIMI is a business accelerator

Le SIMI focuses on the innovations and changes in this fast-paced industry. The trade show has changed with the market and adapted to the new real estate landscape ensuring the content continues to be highly relevant and impactful.

Le SIMI has established itself as the event of the year for the entire industry

Every year, le SIMI unveils the most important upcoming trends, reflects on notable performances and presents projections based on the current and forecast economic environment. Over the years, le SIMI has become an important marker for investors in the French market.

Le SIMI brings industry players together

In addition to traditional real estate, other professionals working in the sector are loyal SIMI attendees, including: service providers, managed living facilities, logistics and hospitality.  SIMI’s entire offering is based on keeping apace on the industry’s development while remaining close to the historic core of the real estate services sector.

Key figures

  • 450companies and local communities
  • 30,000visitors
  • 90conferences
  • 3award ceremonies