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Moniteur Juris

Moniteur Juris
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Moniteur Juris, Groupe Moniteur’s legal database

Moniteur Juris offers a range of tailored services to help professionals better understand the legal framework around Construction and Local Communities / Government.

Free access to key legal information 

Moniteur Juris allows users online access all the legal content from Éditions du Groupe Moniteur. Users also receive all regulatory industry news and updates through bi-monthly newsletters and special reports written by our dedicated editorial teams. Les Rendez-vous Experts (a webinar broadcast on YouTube) and the magazine Contrast Publics are also included in the offer.

Three focus areas

Moniteur Juris is built around three key topic areas addressing this market:

  • Moniteur Juris Contrats Publics, for preparing tender bids, understanding and complying with tender regulations, ensuring safe transmission of contracts, writing specifications, and ultimately executing agreements.
  • Moniteur Juris Urbanisme, for creating, modifying and reviewing urban planning documents, performing feasibility studies of urban planning projects and reducing lead times for permits.
  • Moniteur Juris Collectivités, to understand the inner workings and framework for local communities and elected officials and become proficient in accounting and tax management.

Key figures

  • 40,000official texts
  • 15,000jurisprudences
  • 15,000pages of analysis
  • 1,000clients
  • 2,000users
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