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Carrières Publiques

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Carrières Publiques is a career management tool for the civil service. This solution is aimed at individuals thinking about becoming civil servants, as well as local governments and ministries looking to advance the careers of their staff.

The brand offers preparatory classes for civil service examinations (1.5 million annual visits) provides remote online training, live-streaming classes and a range of digital textbooks. All the news, schedules and syllabi of civil service examinations is available. The site offers approximately70 classes for different examinations, covering over 90% of registered candidates. For greater efficiency, Carrières Publiques works in partnership with la Gazette des Communes, Nathan, La Documentation Française and Emploi Public.

Carrières Publiques offers job-searching tools

Carrières Publiques has also developed tools to help civil servants define their professional goals, refine their application (CV and cover letter) and prepare for job interviews. Through tailored teaching methods (collective classes, e-learning, individual coaching), Carrières Publiques can respond to the specific needs of each of its students.

Key figures

  • 68examination prep classes
  • 50,000+candidates trained every year
  • 91%satisfaction rate among trainees
  • 100+trainers, graders, tutors, experts for each examination
  • 1,5 millionunique visitors every year