Infopro Digital transforme l'information en performance

The Infopro Digital Group announces the launch of its B2B DMP

The Infopro Digital Group has launched its DMP (Data Management Platform), a platform that lets users activate the most powerful database of qualified B2B contacts on the market.

This solution lets users create highly targeted campaigns in consumer and audience segments across the digital information brands owned by Infopro Digital for which it has exclusive marketing rights: including for example L’Usine Nouvelle, Le Moniteur des travaux publics, LSA, L’Argus de l’assurance, La Gazette des Communes and L’Usine Digitale.

Infopro Digital’s proprietary DMP offers segmentation and activation using B2B criteria only. This guarantees the reliability and compliance of the target audiences by publishing display advertising, unencrypted in its premium spaces, from its completely exclusive and controlled network of 30 websites.

Thanks to its powerful advertising inventory (10 million unique visitors per month) and the largest database of qualified B2B contacts (two million active professional email addresses), the Infopro Digital Group is able to maximise the distribution of media (display & native) and direct marketing (e-mail & lead generation) campaigns by hyper-targeting its audiences:

  • By company size: large corporations, mid-market companies, SMEs, micro-enterprises, etc.
  • By area of interest: cybersecurity, energy, health, digital transformation, web to store, risk management, territories, etc.
  • By project detection: after viewing brand content, after clicking on a banner or email, after downloading a study or white paper, etc.
  • By function: C-level decision-makers, craftsmen, shop managers, IT decision-makers, local decision-makers, Chiefs Digital Officers, car fleet managers, etc.
  • By department: marketing, communications, purchasing, finance, general/senior management, etc.
  • By IT equipment: devices, OS, email clients, etc.

Although display and email retargeting mechanisms are already very effective in B2B communication as media drivers, the activation of the Infopro Digital DMP helps to manage lasting relationship marketing programmes by publishing long-term brand awareness campaigns (via advertising, email and inbound content), supplemented by product campaigns that become all the more targeted and responsive.