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Research Manager (Remote)

AMA Research is a leading specialist provider of market research and insight to the UK building and construction industry. AMA Research publishes over 150 off-the-shelf market reports and forecast bulletins and provides research which goes beyond the more commonly available range of statistical and company information, delivering expert, informed commentary and in-depth market analysis. AMA Research also offers consultancy services including market research projects and consumer and business surveys. AMA Research has over 30 years’ experience offering market research services to blue chip organisations and more specialist companies both in the UK and overseas.

AMA Research is part of Barbour ABI, the market leading provider of UK construction intelligence services, based in Cheshire Oaks. With more than 80 years’ experience, the in-house research team and dedicated economics team provide commercially relevant insight and unique analysis of trends and developments within the building and construction industry. Barbour ABI is the chosen provider of Construction New Orders estimates data to the Office for National Statistics (ONS) and partner of the Government’s Infrastructure and Projects Authority in providing the National Infrastructure and Construction Pipeline.


The role of Research Manager is within the AMA Research team. The team works remotely but have a strong and supportive online network of communication and typically meet together in person every six to eight weeks.

There are five Research Managers within the AMA Research team, each with responsibility for a set of Market reports. This focus enables development of expertise and specialism which is further enhanced through working with the clients and industry associations linked to their sectors. We encourage the Research Managers to build their own profile within their subject area through attending conferences and exhibitions, and through social media.

While every market we investigate has its own nuances and uniqueness, we have a clear process for managing the production of market research reports and various inhouse tools to enable swift analysis of data and development of market commentary and forecasting. Our experienced team are adept at delving deeper to draw out market stats and perspectives. That’s the kind of curiosity we’d expect you to bring, we’d welcome your research skills and help you hone them further through lots of practical application and sharing techniques and approaches across the team.

The research work covers all bases, from desk research to qualitative interviews, with plenty of data analysis in between. We use primary and secondary sources to build our view of the market, and a blend of qualitative and quantitative data enables us to provide some of the most reliable forecasting in the industry. So sometimes you’ll have a big data set to sort and sift to pull out the market trends; other times you’ll need to think laterally about how to use multiple sources to derive and check data in new market spaces.

As well as being a great researcher, with a keen analytical mind, you’ll need to be a good project manager. Each market report we produce is managed as a project where you’ll be guiding a freelance researcher through the different stages of work. You’ll need to be comfortable setting up and managing several projects at a time, as they flow in sequence through the year. So, great at seeing the big picture, managing a process and keeping projects on track.

Overall the role provides a good balance between autonomy over your own projects and reports, alongside the collective support and shared working practices of the team; and a space to own the subject matter and present as the expert, alongside constantly growing and adapting skills and knowledge.

As all our work is on markets associated with the built environment, you’ll need to have an interest and ideally experience in this space – the products, companies, activities and techniques; ideally accompanied by interest in sustainability, new technologies, supply chains, manufacturing processes, the economy and consumer trends – all the things that have a significant impact on the markets we study.

As well as working in an editorial role in producing the market reports, you will be involved in creating the content for marketing materials related to the report, including web pages, press releases and video commentary, or occasionally articles for journals and blog posts.

The role of Research Manager reports to the Product Manager at AMA Research. While there are no direct reports managed by the Research Manager, there is a responsibility to manage and support freelance researchers in the creation of the market reports. And an expectation of team working and sharing. As quite a small team (about 12 people in total) individuals count for a lot, so it’s important for us to be working with people who really enjoy what they do and want to build something great together.